judge john ark

James Brown / WXXI News

State Supreme Court Justice John Ark is scheduled to hear an update Friday on a lawsuit filed this spring about the process of appointing a Democratic Monroe County elections commissioner

That update takes new importance after the last Monroe County Legislature meeting.

Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, who is assistant Democratic minority leader, successfully stalled City Councilmember Jaclyn Ortiz’s appointment to the post at Tuesday night's meeting. Five Democrats, including Minority Leader Vincent Felder, and all Republicans in the Legislature supported a motion to not have a vote, 20 to 9.

New York State Supreme Court Judge John Ark said that Local Law Number 2 which created the board for the city of Rochester will not stand. That law was passed by City Council last May and overwhelmingly approved by voters in November.

Emily Hunt for WXXI News

Rochester’s Police Accountability Board will not be able to punish police officers -- for now, anyway.

State Supreme Court Judge John Ark ruled Tuesday that the newly created board can operate, but he is strictly limiting what they can do.