Midtown Athletic Club is growing, and looked to Monroe County for taxpayer incentives as it expands. The county is supportive, saying that Midtown’s growth will result in new jobs and economic development.

Critics contend that most Monroe County residents can not afford a Midtown membership, and this is a case of the rich getting richer without much ripple effect. Our guests debate it:


A lawsuit to disrupt the planned modernization of senior apartments inside Cobbs Hill Park has been dismissed.

We sit down with members of the Incremental Development Alliance. It's a national group that helps small developers pursue projects in communities they care about. 

We discuss the current landscape for small developers in Western New York, and how to take an incremental approach to development. In studio:

  • Glenn Kellogg, principal with Urban Advisors
  • Jim Kumon, executive director of the Incremental Development Alliance
  • Matthew Denker, developer with LBLD Living
  • Bernice Radle, CEO and founder of Buffalove Development