SUNY Geneseo's Milne Library closed for asbestos remediation

Jan 15, 2020

Credit SUNY Geneseo

The main library on the SUNY Geneseo campus will be out of service, likely for the next several months, after some asbestos particles were discovered there.

The particles were found on surfaces recently in Milne Library by facilities staff while they were doing some cleaning.

That’s according to Geneseo Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Stacey Robertson. She says the library was checked out by state health inspectors, who determined the air in the library is safe.

But still, college officials are closing Milne Library for now.

“The Department of Environmental Health and Safety checked out both the particles and the air quality and although we have determined it is not a health risk, always better to air on the side of safety,” Robertson said. 

Milne Library is expected to be closed for a while while plans are formed to remediate the asbestos, probably through the spring semester. In the meantime, Roberts said officials are working to find alternate study spaces for students.

“Folks are really thinking creatively about re-purposing spaces and opening up spaces so we’re trying to be creative and innovative always with that focus on what are the needs of the students and how are we going to make sure that they get served,” Robertson said.

And she said besides being able to access some materials online, SUNY Geneseo also has cooperative agreements with other libraries to help students get the books and other materials they might need.

Currently, students are still on their winter break. You can get more information about the situation at Milne Library here.