"Reassess Business Plan", says Neighborhood Group Leader to College Town Developer

May 24, 2016

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

The president of the Upper Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association says it's time to reassess the business plan for College Town.

Dan Hurley's comments come following news last week that Saxby's Coffee has closed. That's the third College Town business to shut its doors in four months. Constantino’s Market closed in February and The Corner Bakery closed in March.

Hurley said he has a meeting tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday with College Town’s leasing agent and representatives from the University of Rochester to talk about what can be done to help.

"We continue to see these problems, and there's no sign that we're not gonna see more problems, which is what concerns me," Hurley said.

"I look at the Culver Road Armory; they're attracting businesses from Victor and Brighton and they're expanding. So, how is it that Culver Road Armory did it - and there's public money involved there, too - and College Town is not getting it done?"

Hurley said they're creating larger street banners with a new design that promote College Town and direct visitors to free parking.

The College Town developer, Fairmont Properties, issued a release Monday promoting one of its newer tenants, Rochester Running Company, owned by city firefighter Jonathan Griffiths.

Hurley said Fairmont is looking through "rose-colored glasses" and should not claim success yet.