NY utility pushing pipeline says it will connect customers

Oct 12, 2019

Credit nationalgridus.com

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  National Grid says it will immediately begin connecting over 1,100 customers denied service after New York rejected an application for a new pipeline.

The Public Service Commission order on Friday calls on the company to connect those customers.

The commission's chair says the law requires utilities to provide gas service without delay when there's sufficient supply. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the pipeline wouldn't be in service until at least next year.

A National Grid spokesperson said Friday the utility will connect applicants identified in the order but said it's seeking solutions for the region's "very real gas supply constraints."

National Grid is the region's second utility to impose a gas hookup moratorium citing limited pipeline capacity.

The nearly $1 billion pipeline would bring natural gas from Pennsylvania's shale gas fields.