Local effort to help earthquake victims in Puerto Rico

Jan 20, 2020

Credit www.purunidos.org

There are more local efforts going on to help people displaced by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

One of the latest fundraising efforts will take place on Friday, which is being held with the help of a Rochester-based organization called Puertorriqueños Unidos en la Distancia (Puerto Ricans United in the Distance).

A series of earthquakes, which began in late December, left thousands of people without a place to live.

The founder of the local group, Irene Sanchez, said that although the damage from the earthquakes was not as widespread as that caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, there are still a lot of Puerto Ricans unable to go back to their homes.

“It’s very different than Maria, where the buildings were able to be repaired. In this situation we’re talking about homes that will have to be completely demolished and built again, and we don’t know how that’s going to happen or what’s going to happen to those families,” Sanchez explained.

Rochester has the largest population of people from Puerto Rico in New York state outside of New York City. Sanchez says some local families already are reaching out to bring relatives from Puerto Rico to live with them. The fundraiser will be held this Friday, 6pm at Avalon ROC at 470 State Street. 

The money raised will go to support Team Cuca Foundation, a nonprofit in Puerto Rico working with families affected by the earthquakes.