Coming up on Connections: Thursday, June 4

Jun 4, 2020

Credit https://www.roberts.edu/facultystaff/marv-stepherson/

First hour: Marvin Stepherson on police reform

Second hour: Monroe County Legislators discuss the situation at the Board of Elections

Marvin Stepherson spent 25 years in policing, retiring as a police sergeant. He has become a prominent black voice in the Greater Rochester community, teaching, organizing, getting involved in politics. Stepherson sees the challenge in recruiting more black officers to policing; he also knows that police demographics won't solve all of the existing problems. He joins us to discuss how policing could change to meet this moment of crisis. Our guest:

  • Marvin Stepherson, retired police sergeant, and adjunct professor for criminal justice administration at Roberts Wesleyan College

Then in our second hour, Monroe County Democrats are split over the situation at the Board of Elections. Most Democrats favor a typical democratic process to elect a new commissioner. Some Democrats have joined with Republicans to call for an immediate installation of a new leader, along with the creation of six new positions to help the office prepare for the June 23 primary and special elections. It sounds a bit like inside baseball, but both sides argue that it's about the core of our community. Our guests try to sort out their differences:

  • Vince Felder, minority leader of the Monroe County Legislature
  • Rachel Barnhart, Monroe County Legislator
  • John Baynes, Monroe County Legislator