Beach clean ups scheduled across the Great Lakes

Sep 14, 2018

Two volunteers collect and categorize trash on a beach.
Credit greatlakesadopt.org

Across the Great Lakes, thousands of people are expected to descend on beaches this weekend -- but not to swim.

Jennifer Caddick is a spokesperson for the Great Lakes Alliance. She says every year, in September, they help organize hundreds of beach clean ups across the Great Lakes. Volunteers collect, and categorize the trash they find, more than 85 percent of which is plastic.

"So they’re playing an important role in keeping that plastic pollution out of the great lakes because we know those pieces of plastic, whether it’s a water bottle or a left behind beach toy or whatever it might be eventually those break down into smaller and smaller pieces and wash out into the lakes."

But Craddick says the clean ups don't just benefit the beaches. She says a lot of first-time people involved might not be regular visitors to Great Lakes beaches.

"We hear so often that people go out to these events, have a great day, enjoy giving back to the great lakes but also start to develop that connection and realize that their beaches are fantastic places to go with their families, or whoever!"

Rochester doesn't have an event planned, but But Caddick says anyone can register to host one at their website.