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Medicaid Recipient Gets Emotional on Connections While Describing "This Stigma"

Connections host Evan Dawson said it was the most powerful moment of the week.

A woman who identified herself as "Janet" broke down during a call to Connections on Wednesday while describing the shame she feels simply for being on Medicaid. She called the show to ask about transportation options available for her son and for herself, because she is physically disabled and her son is also dealing with disabilities. In discussing her background, she said she feels shame, and then became emotional as she said, "It's like you don't feel right out there, because people look at you as wanting a handout. It does not feel right when you feel yourself that way. It's just not right." Later she explained, "You feel like you're worthless."

Listen to the call between Janet and host Evan Dawson here: 

Janet added that she used a fake name because she's a very private person. Wednesday's panel was part of the ongoing Dialogue on Disability; the panel was able to help Janet find free transportation assistance. She spoke to Bill McDonald, Executive Director of Medical Motor Service.

"That was difficult to hear, but important to hear," McDonald said at the conclusion of Wednesday's show. "People need to know what services are available, and they shouldn't feel shame in asking for help when they really need it."

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