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Vandalism damage closes Rochester pharmacies

Brett Dahlberg
The Rite Aid on Portland Avenue in Rochester was boarded up Wednesday. The company said vandalism after peaceful Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend forced it to close some pharmacies.

The vandalism that followed last weekend’s peaceful protests forced several pharmacies around Rochester to close, even as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to send new patients to hospitals in the city.

On Wednesday afternoon, Patricia Simpson found her usual pharmacy, the Portland Avenue Rite Aid, was one of them.

“I was just coming to see about getting a prescription, but I guess not,” she said.

A handwritten sign taped to the door said the store hoped to be open again soon and listed a number for customers to call to find out where they can pick up their prescriptions.

“I’m just going to call that number, and I’m going to take it from there,” Simpson said.

Credit Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News
The Walgreens pharmacy at 804 N. Goodman Street in Rochester was closed and the windows boarded over after vandalism nearby, the company said Wednesday.

Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens all said they closed at least some of their pharmacies in the Rochester area, though none of the companies had a definitive list of the locations or reopening schedules. “This is a very fluid situation,” said a spokesperson for Rite Aid.

The businesses said the location listings on their company websites would have up-to-date information about closures.

Some independent pharmacies were closed, too. Monroe County Medical Society Executive Director Chris Bell said he was telling doctors they should advise patients to call ahead to check if their pharmacy was open.