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Long lines greet some voters on election day

Voters in the 25th Congressional district have a special election in addition to the general election

Elections officials in Monroe County are optimistic about a strong turnout this election day.

Republican elections Commissioner Doug French says the numbers have been solid so far, indicating turnout is much higher than the 2014 gubernatorial election, but not as strong as the 2016 presidential race.

"Obviously not up to that par, but I do think we're on pace for between 60 and 65 percent," he said.

According to French, the biggest problem on this election day so far isn't really a problem at all.

"There's some long lines, 15, 20 minutes that have been recorded, which is only a good sign, in our view," he said.

Some people will be voting twice today.

Voter in the 25th Congressional District will choose between Democrat Joe Morelle and Republican Jim Maxwell for the seat formerly held by the late Louise Slaughter.

"There would be a normal two-year election and there's a special election to fulfill an unexpired term which would be between now and Dec. 31st of this year," French said.

There's a possibility that one candidate would win the special election and the other the two-year term. 

French adds that's highly unlikely, but if something crazy like that is going to happen, it could very well be in 2018.