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City School District Emphasizes Academics to Recognize Black History Month

Students from six Rochester high schools will be taking part in a new academic competition commemorating Black History Month.

The district's first annual Knowledge Bowl is scheduled to start tonight at Wilson Foundation Academy.

Teams of four to seven students from each school will answer questions in a format modeled after the game show  Jeopardy!

Djinga St. Louis is the district's African and African American Studies director. She said they wanted to get back to the roots of Black History Month by emphasizing academics. "Usually we do a lot of celebration around food, the arts, dancing, that sort of thing. But this time we wanted to really tap into kids' knowledge about African American history, even contemporary history involving African Americans."

The final competition will be held this Thursday, February 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the Central Office Building on West Broad Street. The Board of Education will also be honoring outstanding African American scholars in the Rochester City School District

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