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$3 gas not stopping vacations ... yet

gps-driving-2-1353290.jpg Stokholm

Even though gas prices in Rochester have crested the $3-per-gallon mark — and national prices aren’t far behind — Americans are still going forward with their Memorial Day vacation plans.

AAA expects 41.5 million Americans to travel on this  holiday weekend, with 36.6 million driving to their holiday destination. Even with the rise in gas prices, it’s not keeping people home.

“If you consider a road trip from Rochester to the Jersey Shore, it would cost about 25 dollars more, round trip, than last year for gasoline if you were in a standard SUV,” explained Elizabeth Carey, AAA’s director of public relations and corporate communications. “That’s not enough to change holiday travel plans. Travel’s on the rise year after year, we’ve been seeing it grow over the last few years.”

While travelers are moving forward with their travel plans this weekend, AAA does expect gas prices to rise throughout the summer; $3-a-gallon is the price point where AAA says travelers start to rethink their plans.

“That three-dollar level is when people really consider driving less, combining trips,” Carey said. “If families were considering a road trip out west, they might stick closer to home, travel along the East Coast, or right in their own backyard.”

If you do head out on a road trip, AAA urges you to make sure your vehicle is ready, especially in the event of a breakdown.

“Keep a safety kit with jumper cables, a few bottles of water, some snacks in case you do break down. And be sure to have your vehicle looked over by a mechanic before your trip,” Carey advised.