urban design

Has urbanism become too mean? That's exactly what some local urbanists feel, and they're looking for ways to improve their tactics. Mocking someone for driving a car? Lampooning golfers? Is that effective?

Our guests debate what works and what doesn’t:

  • David Riley, urbanist and former newspaper reporter
  • Marlana Zink, Rochester resident with a background in planning
  • Jason Partyka, member of Reconnect Rochester
  • Phil Kehres, urban planner in Vancouver, Canada

As city leaders and community members continue to debate the future of downtown development, some are looking to Rochester’s waterways as an asset in that revitalization. This hour, we discuss urban waterfront development with Mark Johnson, president and leading designer for Civitas. The landscape architecture firm is internationally known for its nature-in-the-city projects — designs that merge waterfronts, green spaces, and city living.

What could Rochester learn from Civitas’ success? Johnson is in Rochester as a guest of Greentopia. We hear from him and discuss Rochester’s potential as an urban waterfront. In studio:

We talk about urban rebirth in upstate cities. Arian Horbovetz is a photographer and writer who has been traveling across the state to highlight the positive aspects of cities that may get a bad rap. He writes about his visits in his blog, The Urban Phoenix.

We talk to Horbovetz about what he learned from his travels to Utica, Troy, Rome, Binghamton, and more.

Sam Schwartz is probably the leading expert on traffic in the country, and he happens to be the guy who coined the term "gridlock."

Schwartz has a new book out that attempts to move the discussion of traffic, cars, and multi-modal approaches into the future. He is in Rochester for a Wednesday night event at The Little Theatre, but first he's our guest on Connections. In studio:

The Community Design Center of Rochester continues its "Reshaping Rochester Series" with a look at "Re-Greening the Living City." But how? They're bringing in Lee Quill to explain. Quill is an architect from Washington, DC who specializes in urban design, master planning, and green space. He was heavily involved in DC's big urban transit-oriented development plan, and is our guest this hour along with Joni Monroe and Roger Brown from tthe center.