It was semi-retired renowned film critic and writer, Jack Garner, who said: “I’ve been on top of Mount Everest. I’ve flown around Big Ben with Peter Pan...and I’ve stormed the beaches of Normandy in Saving Private Ryan.” Garner says movies have the power to transport us to places we never imagined we could see or visit. And he says the key to a worthwhile journey for the movie-watcher is all about originality of ideas in the film. With the Academy Awards right around the corner, Jack Garner joins this segment of Need to Know to share his thoughts on the nominated films this year and the ones you must-see before Oscar night on Sunday, February 26.

Hollywood is reviving three franchises this year. Their track record makes them a guaranteed financial success, but is it what fans want? Star Wars, X Files, and Full House are coming back in some fashion, with new stories based on the old characters. Even Han Solo and Chewbacca are back. Our panel debates whether these are good moves:

  • Christopher Frank, organizer of local sci-fi convention "Flower City Comic Con"
  • Mike DiGiorgio, executive producer of 13WHAM News This Morning
  • Jack Garner, Film Critic and Author 

Movie Critic Jack Garner joins us to preview the 87th Academy Awards, which will be awarded on Sunday, February 22. We will give significant attention to Best Picture nominee "American Sniper". 

The High Falls Film Festival starts next week. The festival celebrates women in film, one of the few worldwide that does so. We start the hour with Virginia Madsen, she produced a film that will be shown at the festival. Then, we discuss the festival in-depth with the festival's Executive Director Mary Manard Reed.