Webster race celebrates 46 years of Thanksgiving Day running

Nov 22, 2017

Credit Webster Turkey Trot Facebook

One of the oldest races in the Rochester area will run on this Thursday.

The Webster Turkey Trot is celebrating 46 years of Thanksgiving Day running.

Ellen Brenner, who co-founded YellowJacket Racing said it was originally started by Jim May for his cross country team and grew from there. Her husband David Boutillier now runs it.

“What’s happened is it started small in the older years if you will, and people are now starting to come back. And they’re bringing their families back and the families are expanding and their friend base is expanding and it’s becoming a reunion of sorts."

At 10am, 4,672 people will descend on Webster Park to participate in the race, shutting down many roads in that area for the morning.

Brenner says if you’re trying to watch, you can most likely grab a spot in the parking lots by 8:30am.

The Webster Turkey Trot is the second largest running event in the Rochester region after the Corporate Challenge.