Advocate for cell-free roads tells her story

Oct 25, 2017

Jacy Good speaking at Greece Olympia HS
Credit Alex Crichton

A nationally-known speaker came to the Greece Central School District to share her story about how the actions of one distracted driver changed her life forever.

Jacy Good had just graduated with honors from college in May of 2008.

She was riding in a car with her parents on the way home when  when a distracted driver ran a red light, causing an tractor trailer to swerve and strike Good's car head-on.

Her parents died, and Good spent the next four months in the hospital.

Jacy Good says young people have the power to change the culture about distracted driving

"Since then I've been spending every day trying to prevent this from happening to other families," she said.

Good and her husband Steve Johnson are national advocates for cell-free roads.

She says it's up to young people to change the culture about using cell phones while driving.

"With seat belts, it took kids telling their parents you’ve got to put your seat belts on.  It took kids speaking up to their parents about drinking and driving.  Young people have the power to change the culture," she said.

Good told her young audience at Greece Olympia and Greece Arcadia High Schools that she wants them to share her story.

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Here's Jacy Good talking about the day that changed her life forever: