New York Civil Liberties Union

Gino Fanelli/CITY

The executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union said Friday that the organization was investigating comments made by the head of its Rochester chapter that were construed by many to be a threat against employees of the Monroe County District Attorney's Office.

The remarks were made a day earlier by Iman Abid-Thompson, the director of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the NYCLU during a small protest outside of the District Attorney's Office in which she said into a microphone, "We know your names. We know where your children go to school."

Rochester police could get iPhone cracking tool

May 11, 2020

Rochester police are adding a new iPhone cracking tool to their arsenal that has sparked privacy concerns around the country.

The tool is called GrayKey, a small, gray box that enables its users to unlock passcodes in the most up-to-date iOS devices, giving law enforcement access to personal files as part of an investigation.

City Council is set to vote Tuesday on allocating $19,000 for a one-year GrayKey contract.

Mayor Warren opposes sex ed, STD vaccine bills

Feb 26, 2020
James Brown / WXXI News

A legislative push in Albany to compel school districts to provide comprehensive sexual education from kindergarten through 12th grade has its detractors.

The New York State Catholic Conference opposes the legislation, for instance, because it says the measure ignores religious sensibilities and shuns parents who want a role in guiding their children’s sex education. Republican legislators, too, have railed against the bill.
Now, count Rochester’s Democratic mayor, Lovely Warren, among its critics.