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How to teach 9/11 to a new generation

It has been twenty years since the terrorist attacks on September eleventh, and while millions of people watched the events unfold in real time, whether in person or on their televisions, today’s high school students weren’t even alive yet. For their teachers, that day is more than just a page in a textbook. It’s a vivid memory.

Plus: One Upstate New York community was hit particularly hard by the attacks. Ironworkers from the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation in the New Country have built New York City’s skyscrapers for generations. They helped build the World Trade Center. They were working when the Twin Towers fell. And they raced immediately to the rescue and cleanup effort.

And we talk to the creator behind Aspie Works about his company and a production that he says changed his life.

Veronica Volk is a senior editor and producer for WXXI News.