Rochester participates in a We the People march

22 hours ago

Marchers gather at the Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester on Saturday.
Credit April Franklin

On Saturday, activists in Rochester took part in We The People March. This nationwide demonstration was held in more than 60 cities to mobilize citizens who feel that the "status quo is a threat to democracy values."

Dozens of people representing several local organizations marched from the Liberty Pole to Washington Square Park, where they took part in an activism fair.

Organizer Amanda Santacroce says the goal is to encourage people in the Rochester community to take action.

"And it's giving people the resources they need to take a stand and take action. Because the negativity and the headlines that we're reading can almost feel paralyzing, and make you hopeless like there's nothing you can do but there's a lot that we do," says Santacroce. 

March partcipant Sally Kohn is a member of the League of Women Voters,  she says she hopes the march will lead to bigger voter registration turnouts.

"You gotta remember that out of most of the countries in the world, we still have a lot more rights than they do. The most valuable one is your right to vote, because its your right to say whats going on and to say what you believe," said Kohn.

Several support groups and organizations set up information tables at the fair for attendees to register to vote and to sign up for volunteer opportunities. We the People March drew in more than 100,000 participants across the United States and four international countries.