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Walnut Hill Driving Competition announces last year was its last run

A unique, annual event in Pittsford has announced it has drawn to a close.

The Walnut Hill Driving Competition organizers say last year was their last run.

Tricia Remley-White is the President of the Pittsford Carriage Association. She says they still saw a steady stream of horse and carriage driving enthusiasts even after 46 years of the event.

"It’s kind of like a bucket list type of venue for people. Say that they've been there and participated."

She says the decision to close the show came with mixed emotions, both sadness and relief. The event was started by her parents Bill and Sue Remley in 1972.

The competition in Mendon Ponds Park earned the distinction as the largest presentation pleasure driving event in the country.


Remley-White said planning for each year’s competition was a full time job, and that she is happy to now be able to catch some over driving events as a spectator.

She says it was a good run and said her late father Bill would have been "profoundly gratified by the success and legacy created by his vision."