Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

A new dental clinic is under development at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It’s designed to support people who might have a hard time getting service in most other dentists’ offices.

“The support comes in two parts,” said Dr. Eli Eliav, director of URMC’s Eastman Institute for Oral Health. “Equipment and staff.”

We discuss the links between the health of your teeth and the rest of your body. Representatives from Eastman Dental to discuss how a healthy mouth is integral to quality of life, and the importance of ensuring everyone has access to oral health services. Our guests:

Dr. Eli Eliav, director of UR Medicine’s Eastman Institute for Oral Health and the Vice Dean for Oral Health at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry. 

Dr. Carlo Ercoli, chair and program director for Eastman Institute for Oral Health’s Prosthodontics Division.

Dr. Abra Caroci, pediatric dentist, Eastman Dental.