2017 Election

When white supremacists posted racist flyers around the town of Pittsford, residents rallied against racism and pushed for change. They formed a group called PittsForward, and one of its members -- Kevin Beckford decided to run for the Pittsford Town Board...and won.

Beckford is the suburb's first African American town board member. He joins us to discuss his journey and how he thinks the flyers and PittsForward impacted the election. In studio:

  • Kevin Beckford, Pittsford Town Board member-elect
  • Kendra Evans, organizer of PittsForward

The race for Rochester School Board saw the three active candidates win the three vacancies.

The top vote-getters in Tuesday’s election were: newcomer Natalie Sheppard, incumbent Van White, who is currently the school board president, and incumbent Cynthia Elliott.

Beatriz Lebron did not actively campaign. Malik Evans, who is a member of the school board, ran for City Council and won. Because of that, there will be a vacancy on the school board.

The board will have to appoint a replacement when Evans moves on to the Council.

Former Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter was a Republican until May, when he switched his allegiances and joined the Democratic Party to run for Monroe County Sheriff against incumbent Patrick O’Flynn. The switch paid off, as Baxter, with 57 percent of the vote, beat O’Flynn, and denied the incumbent sheriff a fifth term.

There will be a new leader in the town of Henrietta. Voters ousted embattled Republican Jack Moore and elected Democrat Stephen Schultz, the co-founder of Pictometry.

Schultz took 58 percent of the vote to replace Moore, who was elected in 2013.

City of Rochester

Even with three candidates posing a challenge, the end result was never in doubt for Lovely Warren. The Democratic mayor cruised to her second term by taking 60 percent of the vote, besting Republican Tony Micciche, Green candidate Alex White, and The People’s party candidate Lori Thomas.


Polling places around Monroe County have  some additional inspections on Election Day -- staffers from the U.S. Justice Department.

County Democratic Elections Commissioner Tom Ferrarese says this is just part of an ongoing program from the federal government, mainly focusing on communities around the U.S. where there is a significant part of the population that is non-English speaking.

The campaigning and the ads, positive and negative, all wind down today to make way for what really counts…the voting.

It is election day on Tuesday across New York State, with the polls open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Turnout is usually not too strong on what is called an “off-year,” or non-presidential election year, but area elections’ officials are hoping that interest in some key races will still generate a decent turnout.

The Baxter for Sheriff campaign and the Monroe County Democratic Committee on Sunday filed a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections asking the board to investigate what they say is fraudulent mailing sent to local Democrats over the weekend. 

It has been a long campaign season, and on November 7, voters in Rochester will head to the polls to choose their next mayor. The odds are incumbent Lovely Warren will be elected to another term; she easily won the Democratic primary. But, the race isn't over yet and we invited all of the candidates to join us for a debate on Connections.

This hour, we hear from three of the candidates; Mayor Warren's representative told us she's didn't have room in her schedule for this debate. We  talk to Republican Tony Micciche, independent candidate Lori Thomas, and Green Party candidate Alex White about why they want to be mayor, and their thoughts on issues affecting our city.

Throughout the campaign season, Connections has offered voters the chance to hear candidates at length. We believe in equal time. In this segment, we have a short conversation with Green Party City Council candidate Anthony Giordano.