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Busy Thanksgiving travel weekend is here

Winter snow and cold is greeting travelers around Rochester
Winter snow and cold is greeting travelers around Rochester

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is nearly here, and Triple A expects the highest travel volumes since 2005, with an estimated 54.3 million Americans going 50 miles or more away from home.

Spokesperson Lindsay Kensy says the vast majority of travelers, 48 and a half million, will hit the road this holiday.

``The increase is about five percent over last year, and that's just because we are seeing higher wages so people have more disposable income, a little bit more money to spend during the holidays.  Gas prices aren't terrible, so it's not stopping anybody from traveling this year," she said.

Snow and frigid weather will make driving a bit of a challenge, however, Wednesday and Thursday.

Airports will be crowded with an estimated 4.27 million travelers going by air.

Kensy most of the busiest travel times have already passed, but there will be increased travel times Sunday as people return home after the long weekend.