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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, October 6th


First hour: People in their 20s shouldn't save money? Deconstructing a controversial essay

Second hour: Examining new numbers on local domestic violence

Was it the worst financial advice ever? Maybe that's a stretch, but an essay that's gone viral is frustrating financial advisers. That's because the essay advises people in their 20s not to save -- even saying that anyone with a bank statement is failing at making a statement about who they are in life. Our panel looks at the essay, and offers some ideas about just how much we should try to be saving, and when.

Then: In Rochester, there are two-and-a-half times more reports of domestic violence than New York's statewide rate. Why is that? Do we have a particular domestic violence problem... or has Rochester become a leader in offering support for those who come forward? We examine the new numbers from the Willow Domestic Violence Center. And we look at how our community has made progress in protecting children -- particularly those who witness domestic violence at a young age. In studio:

Jaime Saunders, President & CEO of Willow Domestic Violence Center (formerly Alternatives for Battered Women)
Jeff Pier, Director of Programs and Services at Willow Center
Lisa Butt, President & CEO of the Society for the Protection and Care of Children