Opioid Crisis

WXXI, in partnership with public broadcasting stations across New York state, will air special programming examining the opioid crisis during the week of Oct. 15.

New York’s Opioid Crisis is a first-of-its-kind partnership to draw attention to this public health crisis and raise awareness of services available in local communities for those affected by opioid addiction.

Support for opioid crisis programming on WXXI is provided in part by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. A complete list of programs can be found here: WXXI.org/opioid-prog.

We want to hear what you have to say about opioid and heroin use in our community. Please click on this link to take a short survey.


Learn about Rochester's heroin epidemic and what officals can do to combat it, and see how a new OSHA standard could reduce lung cancer for construction workers.

Watch Need to Know with host Michelle Faust filling in for Hélène Biandudi Hofer Thursday at 8pm on WXXI-TV, Channel 21.1 and Cable 11 or 1221.

Heroin at Home

Jun 24, 2015

Addiction to heroin and opioid pharmaceuticals has become a growing epidemic in Rochester, New York State, and across the country.

Throughout July, Michelle Faust of WXXI News will bring you in-depth reporting on the effects of the heroin epidemic in our series, Heroin at Home.

Listen and watch all of Michelle's reporting:

Listen for special reports every Monday during Morning Edition and every Wednesday during All Things Considered on AM 1370 and WRUR 88.5 FM

Connections: Healthy Friday - Increase in Heroin Use

Feb 20, 2015

About 10 years ago, use and abuse of prescription opioids surged. Today, the related drug of choice is heroin. Police say the drug is more readily available than in the past. We’re going to talk with a person who is currently going through recover treatment, and others about this dangerous trend.      

  • Mark Winsberg, MD, Clinical Director, Rochester Regional Chemical Dependency
  • Paul Jacoby, primary therapist, Rochester Regional Chemical Dependency
  • Colin
  • Jim Wesley, Drug Chemistry Supervisor, Monroe County Crime Lab

Last Wednesday on Connections, the supervisor of the drug section in the Monroe County Crime Laboratory warned about a new drug trend. Jim Wesley told us that heroin is back in big numbers, but perhaps even more concerning is the new composition of heroin. 

His warning came just four days before actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead with a needle in his arm and bags of heroin on the floor.