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On Wednesday, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced a new set of grants to help small businesses during the pandemic. The county will use $15 million in federal relief funding to provide support for personal services businesses, including retail and dining.

We talk about the program, who is eligible, and we take questions from business owners who want to apply. Our guests:

  • Rachel Barnhart, Monroe County Legislator
  • Ana Liss, director of the Monroe County Department of Planning and Development, and executive director of the Monroe County IDA and IDC
  • Kristen Flores-Fratto, chef and owner of the Gate House

Early voting begins in New York on Saturday, and continues through Nov. 1, two days before Election Day.

The number of polling places vary from county to county, but each county is required to have at least one early voting polling site. In larger counties with multiple sites, one has to be in the largest urban area. 

Susan Lerner with the government reform group Common Cause has been closely monitoring the early voting procedures.

The Genesee Brew House is temporarily closing until Tuesday, Oct. 27, after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

A spokesperson for FIFCO USA (parent company of Genesee Brewing), Mary Beth Popp, said that Genesee is “taking every step to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers. We are temporarily closing until Tuesday, contacting all employees and customers through our contact tracing process, and deep cleaning our facilities using a professional cleaning company.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

UPDATE: (as of 10/22/20) Ontario County Health officials clarified that a previously reported 'block party' in Victor was actually a multi-family gathering on Montgomery Lane on October 11. There was no party on Brent Knoll. Anyone who attended the gathering on Montomgery Lane, or are in close contact with someone who did attend, is asked to  quarantine for 14 days, and if you have symptoms, get tested for COVID-19.



Monroe County will use $15 million in federal relief funding to provide grants to small businesses that have taken a hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic, County Executive Adam Bello announced Wednesday.

The grants will target personal services businesses, including retail and dining. Businesses that haven’t received pandemic-related aid as well as minority and women owned businesses will be prioritized.

Governor Cuomo's office

With 43 states now on New York State’s banned list, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s talking to health experts about a possible testing regimen that could end the mandatory quarantine period.

Emily Hunt for WXXI News

An overwhelming majority of teachers in the Rochester City School District say they want to continue with all-remote learning through the end of January.

Of the union members who responded to a recent survey, 81% have concerns about returning to in-person classes as the COVID-19 pandemic merges with flu season.

Rochester Teachers Association President Adam Urbanski said he knows remote teaching and learning is difficult for students, teachers, and their families, but the inconveniences pale compared to the alternative.

At 11:30 a.m., watch the latest briefing from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for October 21, 2020.

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A murmur of excitement rolled through the area’s movie-going community, long in coronavirus limbo, when word came out early Saturday afternoon that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had just announced that theaters throughout the state – umm, except you, New York City -- could reopen as of this Friday.

The news seemed to catch everyone by surprise. Then reality hit: Restarting an industry is not as simple as firing up the popcorn machine and hitting the projector “on” switch.


St. John Fisher College says it will transition to all-remote instruction for the rest of the fall semester. The college made the announcement Tuesday afternoon after a spike in COVID-19 cases on campus over recent days.

On Monday, the college reported 52 positive cases. St John Fisher said that of the total number of students in dorms across the campus who tested positive for COVID-19, two-thirds of that number live in Dorsey Hall.