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Artistic responses to the events of 2020 are vast and varied. Creatives have lambasted the former president, reacted to matters of social justice, and recorded the fear, sorrow, and loneliness of the pandemic.

Like that of her counterparts everywhere, the work of Rochester artist Rebecca Soriano is imbued with the bewilderment that has befallen all of us over the last year, like superimposed sock and buskin masks symbolizing comedy and tragedy in the theater.

What happens when we become touch deprived

Feb 6, 2021
Ryan Williamson / CITY

During the three months last year that he was forced to shut his massage therapy practice, Shawn Belles received some heartbreaking phone calls.

“I had some clients reach out to me begging me to just see them for one day,” Belles said. “I had one client call me crying, saying they're in so much pain. And I was like, ‘I'm sorry, I just can't. I can't open. I could lose my license.’”

Provided by RPO

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2021-22 Philharmonics Series -- its first under forthcoming Music Director Andreas Delfs -- is a subtle balance between conventional symphonic fare and more progressive programming.

There are two ways that classical music ensembles frequently approach programming: perform works by household names dominated by white men, like Beethoven and Brahms, or interpret music of more diverse contemporary composers.

When ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ is the music

Feb 3, 2021
Ralph Meranto

In one graceful moment, Kelly Izzo Shapiro drifts away from Joni Mitchell's "Little Green" and, using the same guitar tuning, seamlessly slides into the opening notes of her own song, "Don't Be Afraid."

“Joni was saying goodbye to her daughter, who she put up for adoption,” Shapiro says. “And it’s this sort of, like, hopeful but sad message. So I have a song about saying goodbye to my daughter. And it’s a sort of hopeful but sad song as well.”