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The ninth KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival comes to a provisional close after Saturday's shows. All of the performances have been virtual, as we’ve been reminding people throughout the festival's 12 days. Yet while the scheduled events will be gone, the on-demand shows — which are actually the bulk of the festival — will linger a while in the cloud. By purchasing a ticket before the end of Rochester Fringe on Saturday, you can watch that show through Oct. 10. The schedule, and tickets, are at rochesterfringe.com.

HomeStage: Dylan Dowdle

23 hours ago

Dylan Dowdle is a student and a full time chef in Geneva, but that doesn't get in the way of his music. Before the shutdowns, Dylan and his guitar could be found playing bar gigs around the city.

He has a new EP out this week, "Dylan Love." You can find it on dylanlove.bandcamp.com.

Fringe Day Eleven: Down the rabbit hole

Sep 25, 2020

Fringe festivals are diversity. Today, as the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival moves into its final weekend, we plunge down a Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of experimental film, experimental interactive theater, and the resurrection of a "Dangerous Signs" show by National Technical Institute for the Deaf's Performing Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology.

"#txtshow (on the internet)"

Fringe Day Ten: Cirque du Fringe goes ‘Laugh-In’ on us

Sep 24, 2020

Now in its ninth year, we already know what to expect of the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival – or most any other fringe festival – even under non-coronavirus conditions. A diverse array of music, dance, theater, spoken word, puppets, magic and more, with artists bending Shakespeare into unrecognizable shapes to suit their own purposes.

With these shows, we will witness great artistic achievement. We will see shows that are works in progress. We will see failures.