world cup

The World Cup semifinals begin on Tuesday, with Belgium taking on France. Saturday's match broke viewership records when Croatia defeated Russia. In addition to the games themselves, the pride among fans has attracted attention on TV and social media. From victory songs, to well-rehearsed chants, to displays that have political or social messages, the World Cup is about more than sports. 

Int'l Ski Federation

Freestyle aerialist skiers from the Rochester area did very well at the World Cup Freestyle Aerials in Minsk, Belarus on Saturday.

In just his fourth World Cup competition, 17-year old Christopher Lillis shocked the field and won his first men's World Cup freestyle.

Do you have World Cup fever? We have some fun and talk football -- is the USA's German coach leading a change away from the old "American style" of play? What are our chances in the Group of Death? More seriously, we'll dive into Brazilian culture, politics, and controversy with a panel that has great experience in this area: