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Urban League/Zoom

More than 450 people attended the first day of Rochester’s Interrupt Racism Summit on Tuesday. The two-day virtual summit sponsored by The Urban League of Rochester educates people on how to dismantle racism at their workplaces and in their communities.

In her keynote speech to participants, Urban League of Rochester CEO Seanelle Hawkins said many organizations will speak out against racism without addressing systemic problems in their own organization.

We look at the impact of Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement that he's gay. He's the only Fortune 500 CEO who is out, and already there are negative implications coming from Russia and China. In the United States, Cook's employees can still get fired for coming out in a number of states. What is the current climate for gay Americans in the work force? With us to discuss is our panel:  

  • Bess Watts, President of the local chapter of Pride at Work
  • Emily Jones, board member of Out and Equal and member of the Business Council of the Human Rights Campaign for 13 years
  • Judy Johnson, member of Pride at Work
  • Eliza Hammer, member of regional council for Out and Equal