We sit down with Whitney Young, formerly a morning host at 98PXY. Young announced last week that she had quit her job, after coming to the conclusion that she was being shortchanged based on gender. Young says she was paid substantially less than her male coworker, while 98PXY says any pay disparity had nothing to do with gender.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo is touting new laws designed to eliminate pay discrimination based on gender. But critics say the recent debate has missed some of the nuance involved in pay negotiations. Our guests explore it:

Are construction workers paid fairly in New York State? The legislature has been debating the so-called “prevailing wage.” Non-union workers and business leaders have warned that expanding the prevailing wage will cripple businesses that want to expand, while stalling the clean energy industry. Union leaders have joined many Democrats in calling for more wage protections, arguing that the business community always claims the sky is falling when they have to pay people a little bit more.

Our guests debate it: