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The co-chair of the Finger Lakes COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force is responding to an email that the University of Rochester Medical Center’s chief fundraiser sent to staff indicating special consideration could be given to “major donors” seeking vaccines.

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Coronavirus vaccinations are still underway for people in the 1a and 1b groups, but supply is still a problem as there are not enough vaccines right now for everyone who is currently eligible. 

About 76,000 vaccine doses will be administered by next week within the Finger Lakes region, according to Dr. Nancy Bennett with the University of Rochester Medical Center. 

“We don’t have the supply to reach out to everyone in these groups,” said Bennett. “But we will going forward.”

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As demonstrators gathered in downtown Rochester last week in protests against police brutality spurred by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Dr. Linda Clark started to get nervous.

Clark, the president of the Black Physician’s Network of Greater Rochester, said she was concerned that the protests would bring members of Monroe County’s black community -- already at high risk of dying from COVID-19 -- into closer contact with more people, spreading the disease even further.

Then, she thought of the long-term implications of the demonstrations.

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“We asked questions that no one else was asking,” Common Ground Health CEO Wade Norwood said of a report his organization released Monday.

“Folks were honest with us in a way we did not expect,” he said.

The results of the survey provide the strongest evidence yet of a link between poverty and poor health outcomes in the Finger Lakes, Norwood said.