As we head towards a general election in November, we ask the question, why do people not vote? The general election usually has a low turnout, it’s even lower for the primaries, which were held just a few weeks ago. The League of Women Voters will try to answer that question tonight with a panel discussion. We’ll get a preview of this discussion with Katherine Smith from the League of Women Voters, and talk with Tom Proietti, resident scholar in media at St. John Fisher College.

The elections are upon us and while Boards of Elections are installing technology in polling places to enable people with disabilities to vote, the enrollment amongst that community is still very low. The Center for Disability Rights is out to change that with the New York Disability Vote Network

Then we'll sit down with the CEO of Columbia Care and hear about the business model for the medical marijuana company that is housed at Eastman Business Park.

The Fair Election Practices Campaign has just launched in Monroe County. So, what is a fair election? After all, this campaign was first established in the 1970s, but we routinely hear complaints that campaigns are "too negative," "dirty," and "unfair." We'll talk about how the campaign is designed to keep candidates to the issues, and whether that's a realistic hope. Our guests:

Why don't young people vote? Yes, youth vote jumped in 2008, but it has flatlined once again in the years that followed. Why is that? Our panel of 20-somethings helps us understand, and they bring a diverse set of political leanings, too.