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Urban gun violence disproportionately affects segregated Black neighborhoods is one of the main points that a physician and assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania want to get across.

Dr. Eugenia South, a physician at Penn Medicine was a keynote speaker Thursday at the annual Dr. David Satcher Community Health Improvement Awards, presented by the Center for Community Health & Prevention at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Both UR Medicine and Rochester Regional Health hospitals are updating their visitation policies based on new state guidelines that permit additional flexibility, as cases of COVID-19 have declined and vaccine becomes more widely available in the region.

Most UR Medicine hospitals are now allowing a patient’s two designated visitors to see the patient on the same day.

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It's been a year since Daniel Prude died after Rochester police officers restrained him during a mental health arrest. He had been rendered brain-dead during the March 23 arrest and was taken off life support a week later. 

What happened to Prude reignited an already active movement for racial justice, this time focusing on mental health and policing. 

Some police officers receive crisis intervention team, or CIT, training. It's a program that’s been in place since 2004. 


Health care workers around the globe have endured prolonged trauma throughout the pandemic. Long shifts. Difficult cases. At times hospital rooms and hallways overflowing with patients with no end in sight.

While psychology experts warn that there are early indicators of post-traumatic stress disorder among medical workers, there are also newly proposed roads to healing.

AstraZeneca vaccine deemed safe, waiting FDA approval

Mar 22, 2021
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UPDATE: A safety board overseeing AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trial is raising concerns about the company's data. In an unusual post-midnight statement released on March 23, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the Data Safety and Monitoring Board, which monitors the trial, is concerned "outdated information" may have been included in the trial results.  


Rochester City Council member Mitch Gruber and University of Rochester professor Stewart Weaver say the university has recently made strides when it comes to meeting moral obligations, but it can do much more when it comes to those responsibilities in the community. They've written an op-ed for the Democrat and Chronicle about gaps they see.

They join us to discuss their perspectives on the university's role in the community. We also address how other large local employers factor into this issue. Our guests:

  • Mitch Gruber, member of Rochester City Council
  • Stewart Weaver, professor of history at the University of Rochester, and president of the UR chapter of the American Association of University Professors

Note: Following this conversation, we will invite University of Rochester leaders on the program to respond.

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The University of Rochester Medical Center is seeking people 65 or older who are living in the community and have received the COVID-19 vaccine to participate in its Senior Study.

Dr. Ann Falsey, an infectious disease physician, said the study will assess whether seniors living in nursing facilities and those who are healthier and living in the community respond differently to the vaccine. 

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It's been tough for a lot of people to get  a COVID-19 vaccine - with challenges like finding out where it’s available and getting an appointment and even determining whether you are eligible to get the shot.

Having a disability can make the process even more complex.

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UR Medicine will begin genomic sequencing of local coronavirus samples within weeks, allowing local researchers and doctors to see a fuller picture of what kind of virus is infecting people in the community.

We're joined by local vaccine researchers to discuss the state of COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution in the U.S. Dr. Edward Walsh and Dr. Angela Branche have been involved in vaccine development and trials since the beginning of the pandemic. They join us to discuss vaccine effectiveness, Johnson and Johnson coming online, a Pfizer booster being tested locally, and they answer your questions about vaccines.

Our guests:

  • Angela Branche, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), and co-director of the Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Edward Walsh, M.D., professor in the Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and head of infectious diseases at Rochester General Hospital