Urban Education

The University of Rochester is working with the Rochester City School District to dramatically change the results at East High. Will it work? How exactly is it playing out? And can this model travel to other city schools? We welcomed a panel to discuss it. Our guests:

  • Shaun Nelms, Ed.D., superintendent of East EPO 
  • Stephen Uebbing, Ed.D., project director of East EPO and University of Rochester professor who was the chief force behind the design of the EPO proposal
  • Eddie Blanding, LMSW, social worker at East 
  • Catherine Wilson, East staff member and parent of an East student
  • Melissa Caso, student at East Upper School 
  • Sam Sheldon, student at East Lower School

Nazareth college hosted an urban education summit attracting education leaders from across the state. The summit offered an opportunity for several speakers from high performing urban schools to discuss the innovations that made them successful.

Among the panelists were: