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This past fall, a group of students at the University of Rochester created a list of demands and concerns surrounding inclusion and diversity on campus. University administrators promised a thorough review and a constructive approach. But now, some of those students are saying they don't feel the university has responded with genuine concern or urgency.

We bring both sides together to talk about it. Our guests:

The expression, "I saw it with my own eyes," conveys a level of truth, but is seeing always believing?

University of Rochester professor Joan Saab is researching visual hoaxes from the 19th century and why people are willing to suspend their disbelief. We talk about why the "petrified man" -- also known as the Cardiff Giant -- and the bat-like people and unicorns of the Great Moon Hoax captured the imaginations of people around the world even after it was clear the stories were not true. Saab will give a presentation on the subject Wednesday evening at the University of Rochester.

Also, you may have noticed that Thomas Jefferson has been quoted frequently by politicians, but in many cases, the quotes are misattributed. We explore the relationship between hearing or reading and believing by looking at the use of spurious quotes. Our guests:

  • Joan Saab, associate professor of art history and visual and cultural studies at the University of Rochester
  • Anna Berkes, research librarian at the Jefferson Library at Monticello

Texas recently brought 100 top-level researchers to the state to search for cancer treatments. How did Texas poach talent from other places? A new state priority on research funding. And now an association of New York medical schools is asking our state to do the same.

Is this how we cure certain cancers, or triumph over diseases? It's possible: the schools argue that it's also how we create jobs and prevent other states from stealing our talented men and women. So how much should taxpayers contribute, and how does the process work? Our guests:


ROCHESTER (AP) The University of Rochester is getting $766,000 in federal research grants.

Rep. Louise Slaughter says the school is getting $450,000 for immunology research from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

A second $316,000 grant will help the study of how children learn to perform basic and complex math. That grant comes from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

This year's Skalny Concert at the University of Rochester is titled Masterpieces of Chamber Music.

The concert is co-sponsored by the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies and the University of Rochester Department of Music.

The University of Rochester is working with the Rochester City School District to dramatically change the results at East High. Will it work? How exactly is it playing out? And can this model travel to other city schools? We welcomed a panel to discuss it. Our guests:

  • Shaun Nelms, Ed.D., superintendent of East EPO 
  • Stephen Uebbing, Ed.D., project director of East EPO and University of Rochester professor who was the chief force behind the design of the EPO proposal
  • Eddie Blanding, LMSW, social worker at East 
  • Catherine Wilson, East staff member and parent of an East student
  • Melissa Caso, student at East Upper School 
  • Sam Sheldon, student at East Lower School

The Immovable, But Beautiful, Hopeman Carillon

Aug 7, 2015
Adam Fenster / University of Rochester

There are many artistic and musical treasures in Rochester – one of the heaviest is the Hopeman Memorial Carillon in the tower of the Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester. 

A carillon is a collection of at least 23 bells arranged and tuned so they can be sounded together harmoniously. The Hopeman Carillon is made up of 50 bells. All together, the bells weigh more than six-thousand pounds.

We're getting up-to-speed on stem cell research. The debate was raging a decade ago: embryonic vs. adult stem cells. Many local scientists pushed for more opportunity to gain access to embryonic stem cells, given the potential to attack disease. How is research progressing? What's next? Mark Noble, professor of genetics, neurology, and anatomy at URMC will deliver a presentation later this month at the Rochester Academy of Medicine titled, "My Child Does Not Have Time for Your Ethics!". He joins us in studio along with Richard Dees, ethicist at the University of Rochester.

Representatives from University of Rochester are responding to racist, threatening posts on Yik Yak by asking the app to hand over the names of the posters.

Yik Yak is an anonymous posting app. Anyone can download it to their smartphone, share 200 character open messages, and view posts within a ten mile radius. For a bunch of reasons, Yik Yak has really found its niche on college campuses. Students often post about parties, professors, or other people, and sometimes it gets obscene and dark.

Student leaders from local universities gathered with Senator Gillibrand at University of Rochester to discuss campus sexual violence legislation. The senator says the Campus Accountability and Safety Act would provide incentive for universities to address sex crimes on campus. She says it would also increase transparency, and strengthen support for survivors.