unaffiliated voters

James Brown / WXXI News

Dan Ramich of Fairport works in sales and is a married father of two college-age boys. His beliefs line up with the Republican Party, but he’s opted not to join. 

He is far from alone. There are more than 112,000 unaffiliated registered voters in Monroe County, with more than 2.5 million in New York State. 

Ramich said talking about political labels has become toxic, and he avoids using them. 

“It seems like we can’t even talk about them without people throwing phrases at us and pigeonholing us because of what our beliefs are,” said Ramich.

James Brown / WXXI News

Mai Abdullah is civic-minded. She’s a Sudanese immigrant and an Arabic court interpreter. The mother of three also serves on the Rush Henrietta school district's Board of Education. 

She’s also part of a growing population in Monroe County: She has no political party.