We’re talking about road diets. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to reducing lanes or roads in order to minimize traffic accidents, reduce the amount of traffic, and create more space for all modes of transportation. Transit experts say road diets "can be seen as one of the transportation safety field's greatest success stories,” but, despite the research, critics say the best way to reduce traffic is to create more lanes.

The state DOT says it is moving in a direction of road diets in places like Pittsford and Brighton, but bicycling enthusiasts are concerned about what’s going on along East Avenue, where there’s a debate about how wide the turning lane should be. Our guests weigh in with their perspectives. In studio:

  • Heather O'Donnell, Leadership Team for Transportation, Rochester People's Climate Coalition
  • Robin Wilt, member of the Brighton Town Board
  • Dr. Scott MacRae, president of the Rochester Cycling Alliance

How would a more robust public transit system change Rochester? And what would it look like?

The Community Design Center's Reshaping Rochester Series continues next week with the theme, Transportation as a Leveler. Two of the event's speakers join us on Connections to discuss the strategies they've used to improve public transit in cities like Tucson, Chicago, and Memphis, and how these successes have improved access to jobs, healthcare, and education. Our guests:

  • Mo Duggan, executive director, Community Design Center of Rochester
  • Roger Brown, creative Consultant, Community Design Center of Rochester
  • Steve Farley, Arizona State Senator
  • Jacky Grimshaw, vice president for policy, Center for Neighborhood Technology

The new RTS center in Rochester has seen an increase in ridership, but also a number of violent incidents. We'll sit down with RTS CEO Bill Carpenter to talk about safety, security, and what they're doing to convince riders that the RTS center is a reliable place to be. We'll also talk about why RTS walked away from their contract with the Rochester City School District, the future of transportation, including options outside of the automobile.