toxic masculinity

The Brett Kavanaugh investigation produced something unexpected last week: a debate about whether it's normal and natural for men to get into physical altercations. Namely, bar fights.

Some of Judge Kavanaugh's staunchest defenders argued that his past, which included a fight at a bar during his college years at Yale, is only indicative of typical male behavior. Newsmax commentator John Cardillo wrote, "I don't know one guy, including myself, who wasn't in a bar fight." 

Our panel discusses male violence and the acceptable standards of behavior. In studio:

Following the death of University of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair, several current players and people close to the football program are speaking out about what they describe as a toxic coaching culture led by head coach DJ Durkin. They say Durkin runs a program based on fear and intimidation, humiliation, and verbal abuse meant to mock their masculinity.

This hour, we discuss football culture, toxic masculinity, and how to create healthy environments. Our guests: