third parties

Political parties that represent the left and the right of New York’s political spectrum have joined in a common interest and filed lawsuits against a new commission that might curtail their rights to cross-endorse political candidates.

And though the two parties in some cases hold diametrically opposing views on policy, they share a belief that Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to get rid of the practice as part of a political vendetta.

Ross Perot died at the age of 89 this week. We explore the legacy of Perot: wasn’t he supposed to usher in the age of the third party? It hasn’t materialized. Perot’s Reform Party went nowhere. The Green Party and Libertarian Party are struggling to attract members. Why is that?

We also discuss the myths and realities of Perotism, including the giant sucking sound to Mexico, and the claim that he cost George H.W. Bush reelection. Our guests:

  • Rob Shum, associate professor of political science at the College at Brockport
  • Tim Kneeland, chair of the department of history and political science at Nazareth College
  • Kevin Wilson, chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party