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Assemblyman Harry Bronson and his primary challenger for the 138th District seat, Alex Yudelson, have nothing but good things to say about incoming Rochester City School District Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small. Multiple sources tell WXXI News that she is the board’s choice for the role. 

Bronson said he knew for a while that Myers-Small was in the mix for the top job at the district. He’s discussed her resume with education experts. 

RCSD nears budget deal

Apr 29, 2020
Rochester City School District

The Rochester City School District is nearing a budget deal after making many changes to outgoing superintendent Terry Dade’s budget on Tuesday night. 

Unlike previous presentations, this one didn’t have Dade’s name on it and it was presented by Deputy Superintendent Lynda Quick and Chief Financial Officer Robert Franklin. 

NYS Comptroller's Audit of the Rochester City School District

About six years ago, Rochester’s Board of Education received a presentation from former Superintendent Bolgen Vargas, and then-Chief Financial Officer William Ansbrow. 

Ansbrow said: “If ‘this’ continues, the district’s finances will hit rock bottom within three to five years.” 

Rochester Board of Education President Van White said he was “blindsided” by the resignation of superintendent Terry Dade. 

White said the board learned of Dade’s desire to leave the district on Wednesday shortly before it became public. Dade cited conflict with the board as the reason for his departure. He’s leaving on July 23, to run Cornwall’s school district downstate.

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Rochester City School Superintendent Terry Dade announced Wednesday that he’s in talks to leave the 

district after less than one year on the job. The four union leaders who represent the bulk of district employees say the district needs a state monitor now.

An educational and financial monitor was approved as part of the state budget agreement but isn’t expected to be appointed until July. 

The unions wrote a letter to Betty Rosa, the chancellor of the New York State board regents to speed up that process and if she can’t. Rochester Teachers Association president Adam Urbanski has a solution for Rosa.

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The man who has led Rochester’s school district for less than a year says he plans on leaving that post soon.

Rochester City School District Superintendent Terry Dade says his lawyer is talking with the Board of Education about terms for his separation from the district at the end of the school year. That would involve breaking his three-year contract.

Dade started in his role last July, coming to Rochester from the Washington, D.C., area. He formerly was an assistant superintendent in Virginia. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that hospitals, local governments and schools may face a 20% cut in state aid without more help from the federal government. 

In the case of education, Cuomo has four windows to assess state revenue and perhaps take back some money from this year’s budget.

Citizen Action of New York’s Stevie Vargas said that schools can’t handle any more cuts

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There are more options coming for kids who need meals in the city of Rochester during the pandemic. 

Since schools closed in mid March because of COVID-19, Foodlink, the city of Rochester, Monroe County and the Rochester City School District have worked together to serve thousands of meals to kids every weekday

City School Superintendent Terry Dade said they’ve identified underserved parts of the city and are making adjustments to the program.

Rochester City School District Superintendent Terry Dade joins us to discuss the cuts that he says are necessary. We talk teaching positions, buildings, social and emotional support, East High, and more.

The superintendent says it has been a devastating process, but he will make the hard decisions that must be made. Our guest:

  • Terry Dade, Rochester City School District Superintendent

Rochester City School District

A plan to lay off 341 Rochester City School staffers and close two schools was announced Tuesday night.

Superintendent Terry Dade had to revise his budget proposal after New York state kept education funding flat year to year. But costs went up and added about $24 million to the district's budget deficit which was about $60 million.