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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that hospitals, local governments and schools may face a 20% cut in state aid without more help from the federal government. 

In the case of education, Cuomo has four windows to assess state revenue and perhaps take back some money from this year’s budget.

Citizen Action of New York’s Stevie Vargas said that schools can’t handle any more cuts

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Several activist groups, including VOCAL New York, Citizen Action of New York, NYACLU, and the Rochester Citywide Tenant Union, held a virtual town hall focused on the well-being of Rochester’s underserved communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Jasmin Reggler from the tenants' union chastised Monroe County and the city of Rochester leadership for their treatment of the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic. She said the homeless population is very vulnerable to the virus, but has been an afterthought.