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Medicare is celebrating a birthday, and on the national stage, it’s being touted by Democrats as the model for a new healthcare system. Many Democratic presidential contenders call it Medicare for All; is that a fair description?

We examine the proposals and discuss what Medicare for All would entail, if put into practice. Our guests:

The New York State Legislature will hold hearings on single payer healthcare next week. Advocates say that it’s up to states to pass single payer, with the federal government aligned against it. Opponents argue that it will be a massive hit to the business community in particular.

Our guests debate the merits of single payer and the New York Health Act:

We have a conversation about Medicare for All with Michael Lighty, director of public policy for National Nurses United. Lighty has written and spoken about Medicare for All for more than 25 years.

He's in Rochester for a public presentation at the Fairport Library Thursday evening, but first, he's our guest on Connections.

What do you know about the New York Health Act? We talk about the bill that could bring single-payer healthcare to New York State.

Our guests discuss both sides of the issue:

  • Dr. Rae-Ellen Kavey, M.D., retired pediatric cardiologist
  • Kristi Reisch, parent of a child with a medical condition
  • Bill Hammond, director of health policy at the Empire Center
  • Lev Ginsburg, director of government affairs for the Business Council of New York State, and father of two

Connections: Single Payer Health Care

Dec 9, 2014

Single payer health care: is it an option for New York state? Asssemblyman Richard Gottfried thinks so, and he's been hosting forums around the state. We'll talk to him, along with a panel with diverse interests and backgrounds. And we'll explore what's happening in Vermont, where single payer could launch as soon as 2017. WXXI News Reporter Michelle Faust will join the conversation, adding her perspective as she covers the ACA and health care in general, along with our guests:

  • Assemblyman Richard Gottfried
  • Dr. David Stornelli
  • Sean Parnell, research fellow for health policy at The Heartland Institute