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NEW YORK (AP)  A federal appeals court judge says the former leader of New York's Assembly can stay out of prison until a judicial panel decides whether he can remain free on bail while he appeals his sentence for public corruption. 

Sheldon Silver was supposed to report to prison Oct. 5, but Judge Peter W. Hall's ruling on Tuesday will likely delay his surrender date. The judicial panel's process usually takes a few weeks. 

We sit down with Joe Morelle, the majority leader of the State Assembly, and discuss the issues around the Sheldon Silver incidents (including the indictment that came down during the program), who may be the next assembly speaker after he pulled himself out of contention, and the status of the Democratic party in Monroe County. 

Sheldon Silver Indicted

Feb 19, 2015

Ex-New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been indicted on three charges after being arrested in a federal bribery case last month.

Silver was indicted on Thursday by a grand jury in Manhattan federal court. The charges are honest services mail fraud, honest services wire fraud and extortion under the color of his official duties. 

Lawyers Joel Cohen and Steven Molo say they will “fight for his total vindication.'' Silver has said he is confident it will come.

Lots of state business to talk about, starting with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: can he survive the latest round of allegations? It looks like Silver helped craft legislation to benefit clients. I've asked all members of the assembly from our area to join us and in studio we will have Assemblymen Mark Johns (R) and Bill Nojay (R). The Sheldon Silver situation is not the only news to discuss, Governor Cuomo was in Rochester to talk about a new upstate fund, and we're getting ready for his combined State of the State/Budget Address.