sexual assault

In this edition of Connections, we explore the lessons from the Bill Cosby sexual assault story. Earlier this month, court documents were released that showed Cosby admitting to using Quaaludes for the purpose of sedating women for sex. Why is it that so many people only now believe the claims of nearly 40 women? We dive into this and more with our guests:

  • Dolores Krebs, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Anna Potter, program director for Bivona Child Advocacy Center

We take a look at campus sexual assault legislation. It's a look at Title IX as it relates to sexual violence on college campuses. Governor Cuomo and Lt. Governor Hochul have been pursuing a bill that is sometimes known as "yes means yes" or "verbalized consent" in regards to sexual activity. Our panel explains how it would work, how the law could change, and we'll answer listener questions. Our panel:

  • Christopher Thomas, partner with Nixon Peabody
  • Catherine Cerulli, University of Rochester Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership
  • Morgan Levy, University of Rochester Compliance and Title IX Coordinator

Student leaders and administrators at the University of Rochester have created a new video designed to raise awareness about sexual assault on campus.

This hour we are reflecting on rape: the reporting, the victims, the accusers, and the impact of the UVA story reported by Rolling Stone. We're joined by Susan Brison, chair of the philosophy department at Dartmouth College. Tuesday night, Brison will be the featured speaker at Hobart and William Smith Colleges' ongoing dialog aimed at enhancing a culture of respect. 

We’re covering the Hobart and William Smith Colleges sexual assault case that was profiled in the New York Times. Hobart and William Smith has referred us to their web statement and are declining to join the program live. The attorney for the student, Anna, has asked us to invite William Smith student Sarah Feldman the new group called Coalition of Concerned Students to join us on air. Also on with us is Mary Jo Marino, program manager from Restore Sexual Assault Services.