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Addressing the death of Daniel Prude publicly for the first time, the president of the Rochester police union said Friday that the officers involved in Prude's arrest conducted themselves consistent with their training.

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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and City Council President Loretta Scott are calling for a residency requirement for all newly hired officers in the Rochester Police Department.

Warren said that having officers live in the community they protect and serve will help build relationships with the people that they are policing.

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In a 6-3 vote, Rochester City Council passed legislation to fund the construction of a new police station on East Main Street. The opposing votes came from Council members Mary Lupien, Jackie Ortiz, and Jose Peo.

Rochester City Council is appealing a court decision that struck down the fledgling Police Accountability Board’s disciplinary powers, stripping it of a key function.

In a filing submitted Friday to the state Appellate Division court, City Council disputes state Supreme Court Justice John Ark’s May 7 decision in a case brought by the Rochester Police Locust Club, the union representing Rochester police officers, challenging the board’s creation and powers. Ark ruled that the board cannot discipline officers or conduct hearings in disciplinary matters

Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary sat down with the city’s Police Accountability Board for the first time Thursday. That independent board was approved by voters last year to provide oversight for the department and investigate police misconduct claims.

Among the topics that came up were transparency, the internal culture of policing and calls to defund the Rochester police department. Singletary said he’s against it.

Rochester Police have now identified the officer they say was stabbed by a man on Sunday, as well as that suspect.

Both suffered what were described as non-life threatening injuries.

The officer is identified as Brian Cala, a 22 year veteran of the RPD. The suspect, 20 year old Jamal Dima of 108 Glendale Park now faces a charge of attempted aggravated assault of a police officer.

Council approves PAB appointments

Jan 21, 2020
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By unanimous vote Tuesday night, Rochester City Council appointed the first-ever members of the new Police Accountability Board.

The initial board will consist of the Rev. Matthew Nickoloff, Ida Perez, Rabbi Drorah Setel, Dr. Robert Harrisson III, Jonathan Dollhopf, Miquel Powell, Dr. Celia McIntosh, Shani Wilson, and the Rev. Dr. Rickey B. Harvey.

“These are outstanding, excellent,” Council President Loretta Scott said of the selections. “The level of diversity across numerous fields I think was really, really impressive.”

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An off-duty Rochester Police Officer died Saturday evening on the way to work.

Officer Manny Ortiz was heading downtown Saturday evening, for a shift that started at 7. But minutes before his shift was to begin, Ortiz called his fiance. Monroe County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Michael Fowler said Ortiz told her that he accidentally shot himself in the leg with his own gun and was headed to a hospital.  The bullet hit his femoral artery.

Rochester Police officials say that Officer Denny Wright, who suffered serious injuries when he was stabbed while responding to a report of family trouble at a house on Peck Street on October 4, continues the recovery process.

A statement from RPD says that Wright, a 23-year veteran of the department, has now been transferred from the hospital to a local rehabilitation facility for the next phase of his treatment. Officials say he is stable and his medical conditions have not changed.

Rochester Police Chief La'Ron Singletary says that after watching body-worn camera video in connection with a knife attack on one of his officers, it was a stark reminder of the dangers that officers face every day.