Rochester Board of Education

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Superintendent Terry Dade says the Rochester City School District needs to make more budget cuts -- but it's running out of options.

In late March, Dade released his draft budget but said that he would likely amend the proposal based on what the pending state budget agreement. This process is typical, but these budgets are not.

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Ernest Flagler-Mitchell is the latest Democrat to throw his hat in the ring for the 137th District State Assembly seat

David Gantt has held the seat for nearly 40 years, but it's not clear if he'll run again. Gantt, 78, is dealing with health concerns and has not yet declared his intentions.

Flagler-Mitchell, 41, is a former firefighter who has been in the Monroe County Legislature for five years. He was just re-elected as assistant minority leader. He also trains future firefighters at East High School.

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Early this week, Rochester City School District board member Natalie Sheppard sent a plan to City Council and the Board of Education.

The plan’s goal is to make three changes that could re-establish the district’s credibility after its former Chief Financial Officer, Everton Sewell, told the board and city council that the district’s 2018-19 budget was balanced when it was actually $30 million in the red. That budget was approved by both the school board and City Council. 

School board candidates face a skeptical public

Jun 18, 2019

Every election has twists and turns, but this year's election for Rochester school board is among the strangest in recent memory. The election is taking place at the same time that Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is calling for the state to get rid of the board and take over the district for a few years.

In the June 25 Democratic primary, 10 candidates are running for four of the board's seven seats, including three of the incumbents: Judith Davis, Beatriz LeBron, and Willa Powell. Incumbent Liz Hallmark, who is completing her first term on the board, is not seeking re-election.