RG&E says it is responding to concerns from some Irondequoit residents in the northwestern part of the town about frequent outages over the last several months.

The utility told WXXI News on Friday that it will be making upgrades to the circuit that supplies power to the northwest region of Irondequoit—approximately 3,000 feet of underground cable is being replaced with new cable. RG&E says this upgrade to be complete within a week.


Rochester Gas & Electric and its sister company, New York State Electric & Gas, will be allowed to raise their electricity rates slightly over the next three years, but will take steps to move away from natural gas under a modified rate case settlement approved Thursday by state utilities regulators.

Under the rate plan approved by the state Public Service Commission, RG&E customers will see electricity bill increases of roughly 1.6% in the first year, which starts Dec. 1, and roughly 2% in each of the second and third years.

Western New York and the Finger Lakes dealt with thousands of power outages after strong winds and heavy rain swept thorugh the area on Sunday.

RG&E, NYSEG and National Grid had additional crews standing by over the weekend due to the forecast for wind gusts that were forecast to top over 60 mph.

Have you ever looked at your RG&E statement and wondered how the energy rates and delivery charges are determined? About every three years, when the utility wants to raise rates, it must request permission from the Public Service Commission. During that process, the public is invited to ask questions, and share comments and concerns. In recent years, the process has involved climate activists and social justice advocates pushing for not only lower rates, but also for clean energy infrastructure.

In June, RG&E and NYSEG announced their proposed rate settlement case. It would cease the expansion of natural gas infrastructure, provide protections for low-income customers, and raise rates over three years. RG&E says that even with those increases, NYSEG and RG&E will still have among the lowest rates in the state in 2022.

A public hearing is scheduled for next week to further explore the settlement. What do you need to know? And how can you get involved? The Rochester People's Climate Coalition is hosting a Rate Case Action Social. Our guests this hour explain the rate case and its short and long-term impacts on energy in New York. Our guests:

Rochester Gas and Electric is urging customers to be on alert for a scam after reports of people posing as energy company representatives over the phone.

The company said in a statement that some customers have received calls threatening to cut service unless they make a payment immediately by phone. 

RG&E said they have temporarily suspended service disconnections due to “non-payment” during the current public health crisis. 

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Avangrid, the parent company for Rochester Gas & Electric and NYSEG, says crews are on standby for this weekend's windstorm.

The forecast predicts gusts of up to 60 to 65 miles per hour in Rochester and western New York, especially on Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.

The power company said it’s preparing to have additional resources in place to respond to downed lines and outages. That includes company and contract resources.


 A $10,000 gift will help 20 city high school students explore some career options.

Avangrid, the parent company of Rochester Gas & Electric, awarded the scholarship funds to the Urban League’s GEAR UP program.

The New York State Public Service Commission says that its staff, along with RG&E, NYSEG and other parties have a proposed settlement over the way the two utilities responded to the March 2017 windstorm.

The storm caused power outages to more than 250,000 customers and Governor Andrew Cuomo had ordered the PSC to investigate the way the two utilities had prepared and responded to that storm which left some customers without electricity for days.