Where's the ideological diversity on college campuses? As reported in Reason and elsewhere, some campuses see more than 95% of their professors (who donate) give to Democrats. Conservative professors and students might feel stifled or outcast.

Our guests discuss whether campuses should strive to have more ideological diversity, and whether progressive thought is a more natural path for academics.

  • Robby Soave, reporter and staff editor, Reason.com and Reason magazine
  • Stephen Brauer, associate professor of English at St. John Fisher College
  • Chris Hodgman, sophomore at the University of Rochester and member of the College Republicans

Journalist David Cay Johnston joins us to discuss his new book, The Making of Donald Trump.

Johnston uses decades of research to tell the story of Trump, going back to his grandfather, and detailing the many ways in which Trump has been sued. Johnston explains how Trump has been obsessed with revenge, and tends to over-sell his accomplishments.

As the GOP convention kicks off, we cover it from a number of angles.

First, what should we know about Mike Pence's record? The governor of Indiana is running for vice president. Our first guest will run down the record. Then we discuss what's going on at the convention in Cleveland, and what we should expect this week. Our guests:

  • Wesley Renfro, associate professor and chair of the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies at St. John Fisher College
  • Brandon J. Smith, statehouse reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting
  • Karen Dewitt, WXXI's Capitol Bureau correspondent

We examine the state of the Republican presidential primary in New York State.

Donald Trump holds big leads in the polls, but that doesn't guarantee him a sweep of delegates. And New York could hold a big key as to whether Trump can clinch the nomination. Our panel discusses the remaining candidates and our state's role next Tuesday. Our guests:

  • Christopher DiGiacomandrea, senior district executive at the Boy Scouts of America and a Kasich supporter
  • Matt Leverich, student at Nazareth College and a Trump supporter
  • Tim Kneeland, professor and chairperson in the Departments of History and Political Science at Nazareth College

Which presidential candidate do Republican Congressional candidates want at the top of the ticket? We find out when we sit down with Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini, the Republican who is once again challenging longtime Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

Earlier this winter, we sat down with Slaughter. Now we talk to Assini about how he intends to win a race that won't be nearly so under-the-radar this time around.

Can Donald Trump win crossover Democrats in a general election? And will he dominate upstate New York next month in the primary, as he predicts?

Pundits of all stripes have been wrong about Trump since last summer, and now it looks like Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. Our panel discusses Trump's prospects in New York, with Democrats, and in the general. Our guests:

  • Bill Nojay, New York State Assemblyman and longtime Trump supporter
  • Arnold Rothschild, political strategist
  • Rob Shum, professor in the department of political science, College at Brockport
  • Josh Keaton, local Democratic activist and Clinton supporter

Author Matt Lewis is a conservative and evangelical who views Sarah Palin and Donald Trump as a kind of cancer in the conservative movement. His new book, Too Dumb to Fail, addresses the decline in intellectualism and offers suggestions for how to steer the conservative ship back to a more thoughtful set of ideas. He joins us by phone.

Donald Trump has won a state. Will he win New York in April? Will he march to the nomination? Were the naysayers wrong?

Our panel looks at where the GOP goes next. Our guests:

The Republican contenders are going to debate for the first time on Thursday night, so we're asking our panel to debate which Republicans have the best chance to win the nomination. Yes, Donald Trump is dominating the polls. And yes, many national pundits now say that Trump has a better chance than they first thought. But what about the rest? What about John Kasich, and the candidate who don't get the Trump airtime? We'll talk about all of them with our panel:

  • Jesse Sleezer, Leader of the Irondequoit Republican Committee
  • Tom Hebert, Greece native and treasurer of College Republicans at American University
  • Tim Kneeland, chair of the department of history and political science at Nazareth College

WATCH: Monroe County GOP Celebrates Victories

Nov 5, 2014

"What a great night to be a Republican!" That line from Monroe County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich started the victory celebration for the Republicans Tuesday night. Watch the speeches from various GOP candidates: